A First-Mover Platform Enabling Crypto-Payments between Tenants and Landlords Introduces Deposit Smart Contract to Tackle “Let-and-Run” Schemes, a next-generation proptech platform aiming to advance the move towards a decentralized sharing-economy and making blockchain use-cases in its respective sector more mainstream-accessible, has passed yet another milestone with the release of its novel deposit smart contract.


The platform, aimed to be launched in Q4 and which will make it possible for tenants and landlords to conveniently send and receive rent payments in different cryptocurrencies with increased privacy protection while optimizing outdated market verticals via the deployment of DeFi principles and trustless smart contracts, puts additional emphasis on protecting market participants from online “let-and-run” fraud, reducing costs through disintermediation, and serving as a gateway for both blockchain enthusiasts and less-savvy users.

As part of its recent milestone checkmarks, Rentible was recently whitelisted by Bancor with a co-investment of 100K BNT (approx 350.000$) by Bancor DAO, as well as listed on Bittrex Global – a top 20 CoinMarketCap exchange, both quite rare achievements for a young and still under-the-radar project, further demonstrating Rentible’s long-term potential as a

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