BlockFi mistakenly credits users with too much Bitcoin in promo payout

Crypto promotional schemes are old hat in the industry, with many businesses trying to secure customer loyalty through a range of perks and mini handouts.

For BlockFi, however, its latest promotional offer has gone topsy turvy, after the platform mistakenly paid out oversized rewards in Bitcoin (BTC). One BlockFi user allegedly received a staggering 701.4 BTC on May 14.

Under the terms of the original giveaway, BlockFi had offered Bitcoin rewards for clients trading a set volume in U.S. dollars between March 18 and 31. With rewards due to be credited to accounts by May 31, BlockFi warned users already on May 14:

Just under 100 clients are thought to be affected, according to a BlockFi representative. Yet a small furor over the exchange’s allegedly

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