Decentralized identity can bring the analog world into the digital one

It is a given that connected devices need reliable, distributed ledger, technology-based digital identity solutions. That is an essential requirement for the Internet of Things (IoT). In the machine economy, devices must be able to recognize and communicate with one another; robust identity management solutions are key to effectively securing data and processes. But what about the multitude of analog “things” all around us? Surely they can also benefit from the advent of digital identity. 

Imagine the following: You are just back from a grocery run or a walk in the park with your pooch when you suddenly realize the family heirloom ring that has been getting a little too loose around your finger is not there anymore. You retrace your steps, scan the ground and check the gutters and molehills, but you come back empty-handed. So many aspects of our daily lives have moved online, with precious things like passwords, pin codes and login certificates safely stowed away in appropriate security solutions. You can retrieve them at any time and manage them centrally. Why can’t you have the same for your

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