Guarda Wallet officially adds Kusama (KSM) staking

The Kusama (KSM) validator is the eighth validator supported by the official Guarda Wallet.

Guarda Wallet users can now stake Kusama (KSM) on the official Guarda validator, with lucrative rewards in place for investors looking for a less risky way of investing in crypto.

Kusama staking using the non-custodial Guarda wallet is possible after the integration of the public blockchain’s validator with the wallet provider, according to a press release.

“We are proud to announce that now Guarda Wallet has its own Kusama staking validator. That brings our users one more way to earn crypto right in the wallet,” the Guarda team said in a statement.

With this development, users can stake the native KSM tokens for an annual percentage yield (APY) of 14.3%. The Kusama validator offers 100% uptime, accessible to investors for just 3% of the staked amount as fees.

Users of the Guarda Wallet can securely stake as well as buy, send or receive multiple cryptocurrencies. And according to the platform’s team, the launch of the staking option for the wallet’s users is only one step towards full support for the KSM token.

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