‘Knives Coming Out’ As Cryptoverse Responds To BTC FUD By US Senator

Elizabeth Warren. Source: A video screenshot, Youtube/Bloomberg Politics

Popular US Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren made some crypto-related statements that the Cryptoverse found incorrect, to say the least – including Bitcoin (BTC) environmental concerns, investment and utility, use for an illicit purpose, need for strict regulation, among others.

“The fight of the US against Bitcoin has begun,” said venture capitalist Marc van der Chijs in response to Warren’s many claims on crypto. “Facts don’t matter for Senator Warren, it’s all one big FUD. But I believe Bitcoin will win this, the world has changed too much to stop it,” he added.

Speaking at the first Senate Banking subcommittee hearing on digital currencies which she chaired, Warren argued that the amount of energy powering the Bitcoin network threatens the environment

With quite a few people calling Warren a hypocrite on pretty much all

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