Top Bitcoin Casinos Are on Course to Overtake Traditional Casinos

The online gambling industry feels like it has been around forever, but it’s only in the last 20 years or so that it’s been considered normal to place bets and play real money online games. The reason it feels so old is that it has experienced several major evolutions over the years, from instant play games to web wallets and mobile play.

The most recent innovation concerns cryptocurrencies. These currencies offer a multitude of benefits for online gamblers and so they are being embraced by more casinos and more players than ever before.

Here’s why Bitcoin casinos are now on course to overtake traditional payment casinos.

It’s Fast and Secure

Online casino players are desperate for quicker and easier ways to process their winnings. Deposits are instant, and they demand the same convenience when it comes to withdrawals.

Unfortunately, that’s not always possible with traditional payment options.

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Even if the casino processes your withdrawal straight away, a bank transfer could take 5 days, a debit/credit card will take approximately 3 days, and while most web wallets are instant, the hassle of opening an account and verifying your

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