What else is moving as Bitcoin price inches toward a new ATH?

Bitcoin (BTC) is hot and clearly in the hands of bulls. Yes, eventually an ETF is coming and after that a $100,000, no $120,000, scratch that, $150,000 BTC price will be on the board. 

Blah, blah, blah.

Anyone logging onto crypto Twitter is going to be bombarded with all this bullish drivel straight from the jump and that great, we’re all happy Bitcoin is doing well. I’ve been a holder since early 2016 so of course I’m happy. But, isn’t there more to crypto than just Bitcoin? Aren’t there other assets that are moving?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear about them before they go on some parabolic 150% run and then your favorite anon Twitter trader with a Rolex and an Audi advises you on which support levels to buy on the next pullback?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other assets that might be on the verge of a move. Of course, this isn’t financial advice. DYOR. Just because we’ve covered it doesn’t mean it’s actually going to do something, so don’t troll us if

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